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Current Offerings

No contact pickup and free delivery are available daily from 11am to 10pm. The number to call to order is 817.945.8890.

Snacking & Sharing

Post Nuts
House candied Texas Pecans and jalapeno slices
House Pickled Veggies
A mix of cucumbers, carrots, white oinions, red peppers, jalapenos, garlic cloves and dill pickled in house
Magic Peppers
Sweet and spicy house pickled jalapenos served with cream cheese and fresh toastinis
Olive Toast
Olive Tapenade, Anchovy Butter and fresh toastinis
Southwest Hummus Trio
Black Eyed Pea, Black Bean, and Traditional Hummus served with flatbread and house pickled vegetables.
Jalapeno Bacon Brie
Baked brie wheel served with jalapeno bacon jam, house pickled veggies, and fresh toastinis

Family Meals

Black bean Stacked Enchiladas
Baked Penne with Red Sauce
Green Chile Stacked Enchiladas
Pasta Gorgonzola
Macaroni & Cheese
Chipotle Stacked Enchiladas
Baked Penne Alfredo


Boxed Lunch
$10 per person House roasted turkey or roast beef sandwich, potato chips, house pickled veggies, fresh baked cookie
Family Style Bake
$10 per person Our daily rotating hot meal served family style. Includes salad and fresh baked brownies.

To Go Cocktails

$25 includes booze, house made mixer and fresh garnish. Roughly enough to make six drinks when poured over ice.

Dilly Dally
vodka, cucumber, lemon, fresh dill
Whiskey Thyme
whiskey, lemon, sugar, fresh thyme
choice of pineapple or original flavor
tequila, fresh citrus, sugar
Lemon Basil Blossom
gin, lemon, sugar, basil
I Miss The Nineties
vodka, gin, rum, triple sec, lemon, cranberry
Patio Punch
rum, tropical juices, fruit
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